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As of late December 2019, the Founders and Board of Directors began the process of the formation, organization and pending launch of the National Real Estate Exchange (the NREX®) in accordance with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Section 6 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

From individual residential purchases and sales, to commercial and industrial bulk REIT transactions, the NREX® will allow real estate, mortgages, liens and other such related instruments to be directly bought, sold and traded in real-time with same-day liquidity; just like a stock or bond.


The NREX® will substantially increase access and transparency while exponentially reducing time-consuming hands-on processing and excessive costs currently associated with real estate and mortgage transactions.  

With the Total Market CAP (2018) of the Real Estate Markets being $33.694 Trillion USD, approximately $10 Trillion USD greater than the NYSE ($22.9 Trillion) and the S&P 500 ($25.6 Trillion), and roughly $20 Trillion greater than the NASDAQ ($10 Trillion), the purpose of the NREX Exchange®, among other functions and features, is to modernize all forms and types of real estate transactions and investments (for both consumers and investors) to include real-time trading and same-day settlement and liquidity all under one roof and platform; The NREX Exchange®.


As a part of the modernization process, all US real estate and their current unique property ID numbers (ie:  Public Land Records - Folio, Book & Page Numbers) will be updated to include an NREX Certificate ID® number; much like a CUSIP ID number on a stock or bond.  As updated, all NREX Certificate ID® numbers will be lodged and maintained (along with any associated mortgage, lien or encumbrance) within the NREX Registry® which will provide clearing and settlement services; much like the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC).

The NREX Registry® will also provide access to the NREX® Market Research Platform, a data and research portal which will function similarly to the Bloomberg Service without having to leave the NREX Registry®.  The NREX Research® Platform will be tied-into the NREX Registry® which will provide open-access to real estate across the US as opposed to Multiple Listing Services (MLS) which limit access to realtors through costly annual paid-membership subscriptions.

Today, with FinTech, Blockchain, Instrument ID and Clearing services being industry norms, standards and practices, the launch of the NREX® will be a seamless "plug-and-play" process using proven and trusted formats currently utilized in other exchanges such as the NYSE and NASDAQ. 

Moreover, the NREX® will allow other developing industry enhancing products and services, such as the NYSE's MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registry System), ICE (a data repository that tracks changes in servicing rights and beneficial ownership interests for U.S. mortgage loans) and SIMPLIFILE (an electronic liaison between lenders, settlement agents, and counties) to provide added supporting tools and processes which meld with assets bought, sold and traded on the NREX®. 


The NREX® will also make accessible the unique opportunity for US and international individual and institutional investors to directly participate in asset-based real estate investments as an alternative to highly speculative stocks.  Thus, investors may buy, sell or trade a portion of or all of their NREX® investments, such as individual or multiple properties, mortgages or shares of properties or mortgages, liens and other like associated instruments, on the same day and in real-time, thereby, ensuring immediate possession or liquidity in what has historically been considered a time-burdened and illiquid market. 

Additionally, the NREX® will provide and supply a national and international (investor-direct) injection of fresh new capital into the US real estate markets which will benefit consumers, investors and the overall real estate and mortgage marketplaces.


Together, the NREX® and the NREX Registry®, along with the other proprietary NREX® products and services, will merge and modernize the $33.694 Trillion US real estate market and the associated products and services while providing immediate national and global investor access, as well as, cost effective real-time and same-day processing, trading, clearing, settlement and liquidity.

The goal of the NREX® is to launch in late 2020.

The NREX ExchangeThe NREX Exchange


The NREX® | Modernizing the Real Estate Market and Industry.

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NOTE:  Upon launch, the NREX Exchange® will be the first and only exchange dedicated solely to real estate, mortgages and real estate finance.


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