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THE NREX PORTAL - Testing in Progress

Posted 9/7/2020

The NREX Technical Team is Preparing the NREX Exchange Market Portal

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A Major NREX Announcement is Brewing

Posted 8/19/2020

In anticipation of the National Launch of the NREX, the Board of Directors will be sharing news and soon-to-come events that will forever change the mortgage, banking, housing and personal finance industries, as well as, the products and services associated.

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The NREX Board of Directors Meet to Finalize Launch

Posted 8/4/2020

The NREX Board of Directors will be safely meeting in a COVID-compliant safe-distancing conference during the week of August 10 - 15 to finalize the last procedures in anticipation of the National Launch of the NREX.

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Server Protocol Testing Begins in Anticipation of the Launch

Posted 7/21/2020

The NREX Tech Team is testing all TLS 1.2 Protocol to ensure secure processing and transactions on the NREX.

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The NREX is Capitalizing the National Launch

Posted 7/8/2020

NREX Administration is finalizing the funding procedures for the National Launch which will immediately open-up opportunities never before offered to consumers, the real estate industry and associated industries.

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Moving-in to our New National Headquarters

Posted 6/22/2020

The NREX is settling-in to our NEW National Headquarters.  Our 40,000 State-of-the-Art Facility located in Florida will operate and house all NREX Exchange Servers, as well as, all Corporate and Operational Staff.  At this time, the NREX is locking-down all institutional and corporate relationships in anticipation of the NATIONAL LAUNCH - coming soon!  The real estate and other associated markets will soon be modernized and changed - FOREVER!

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Sorry for the Silence: We Are Moving...

Posted 6/10/2020

Over the past 2 weeks, The NREX has cautiously been relocating to our new offices while we await the re-opening of our Nation.  We are a not too far from completing our move and to the announcement of some exciting developments.  Meanwhile, please email us with any direct inquiries.

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NREX Private Listings Service is in the Works

Posted 5/18/2020

A separate service, known as "NREX Private Listings" will allow Homeowners to post their homes For Sale directly on the NREX.  The service provides the video equipment and APP needed to easily produce and edit a "Virtual Walk-through" of a home to be listed on the NREX in just a few hours.

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NREX Contact / Inquiry Page has been Updated to Meet Demands

Posted 5/13/2020

The NREX Web and Tech Team was having a tough time keeping-up with the many inquiries and so the CONTACT Page has been updated to reach numerous NREX Representatives which will ensure a faster response.  Thank you for your patience and Welcome to the "New Norm" in Real Estate | The NREX.

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The NREX is Locking-in Key Partnerships

Posted 4/30/2020

The NREX has been in discussions and is consulting with various key real estate, mortgage, housing, legal and government authorities to plan and allot for the high demand of real estate and real estate associated products and services in consideration of the "new norm". 

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