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Where Real Estate is Bought, Sold and Traded in Real-Time with Same Day Settlement and Liquidity.

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The NREX has completed its first set of SAME-DAY REAL-TIME residential real estate test transactions in 48 States.

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The NREX Exchange is expected to launch with 1.1 Million+ national listings (@ $344 Billion) on Day #1 of the anticipated launch of the NREX in mid 2020!

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The NREX Exchange

NREX® | Modernizing the Real Estate Market and Industry

Among the NYSE and the NASDAQ emerges The NREX® | The National Real Estate Exchange; the "stock exchange" for residential and commercial real estate, mortgages, liens and IPO-styled mortgage and construction financing.

The NREX Exchange® was founded on the basis of delivering a comprehensive low cost transparent exchange and platform dedicated solely to the real estate and the associated industries.  The NREX® provides to individuals and institutions the ability to buy, sell, trade, invest or obtain real estate, mortgages, liens or other styled products with same-day closings, trading, settlement and liquidity, along with, real-time national property listings, research, data, trends and overall market access.

Buy, Sell and Trade Real Estate in Real-Time with Same Day Settlement and Liquidity.

Buy, Sell, Trade Mortgages in Real-Time with Same Day Settlement and Liquidity.

Generate Mortgages and Development Financing with an NREX Finance IPO®.

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